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A Slow-Burn, Supernatural Thriller


The Story

Struggling to uncover the truth of a deeply repressed memory of an old trauma, William discovers an old ham radio that belonged to his dead father. In his fascination with it, he stumbles into contact with Eva, a woman with a dark secret of her own, and starts a friendship that will eventually lead him down a dangerous path from which he may not be able to return.

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"The end...surprised me"

– Haunted Montreal

"A very interesting psycho-drama that does a great job obscuring the direction it's actually going into"

– Mike Haberfeiner

"A plot that works...they manage to expand the story in an unexpected direction"


"Builds to a finale that is very satisfying"

– Adventures in Poor Taste

"The two leads...carry the film rather beautifully with very relatable performances and just the right chemistry"


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